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Renee King

Renee King


Nude Photography
Nude Photographers

Fine art nudes gallery

Thank you for visiting my gallery of fine art nudes. All pictures are in the left column. Clicking will take you to a large, higher resolution image.

Digital Photography

All "paintings" in this gallery were taken with a digital camera, manipulated with photoshop, and printed on canvas or watercolor paper.

Nude Photography statistic

Of all hits on my website, 93% are on the "nudes" page,leaving 7% for all the other pages. Perhaps you are telling me what I should be photographing? (And I was planning to do some still lifes next).

Adobe Photoshop

After the image is taken, the results are manipulated using Adobe Photoshop. I generally make a variety of changes to the images including cropping, contrast and color adjustments. I then use filters to acheive the bulk of the impressionist effect. Afterwards, further manupulation is done for other finer adjustments. After the image is processed, it is printed on either canvas or watercolor paper.

Art models

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the models who collaborated with me. The pictures would not be the same without them.

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