Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

I shot this photograph at the Grand Canal in Venice. This picture can be seen in my Italy Gallery.

Grand Canal,Venice

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Thank you for visiting my web site. Please feel free to browse my galleries.

Photographic Art

All of my work begins with a photograph. My older images were taken with slide film or color print film. My most recent images are purely digital. I try to give my photographs more of an impressionist feel. Images are manipulated in Photoshop, and finally printed on canvas or watercolor paper. I use UV pigmented inks, which should have lifetimes between one and two centuries.

About me

Thanks for asking. I was born in Philadelphia. Soon after birth, I began my career as a model for photographer H. Armstrong Roberts in Philadelphia and have appeared in many photographs including “Baby in a Coonskin Hat.” My modeling career, however, was short-lived and I found myself washed up by age two. I took up photography and by age eight, I was using a darkroom. Decades later, my hands still smell like developer. I have recently switched to environmentally friendlier digital photography. I graduated with a BA from Wesleyan University.

New Galleries

I have returned to my black and white roots with a new gallery on Black and White Nudes. I also have a portraits gallery.

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I can be contacted by email at

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